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Holy Birth Week celebration in Draginovo village

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A Holy Birth Week celebration, which marks the Prophet Muhammad's birth (pbuh) was held on May 5 in the village of Draginovo, organized by the Regional Mufti’s Office of Pazardzhik.

Among the guests of the event were the Grand Mufti Dr. Mustafa Hadji, the regional muftis of Pazardzhik Abdullah Salih, of Blagoevgrad Aydin Muhammed and of Smolyan Nedzhmi Dabov.
This year’s ceremony was also attended by the residents of the Turkish village of Akoren, a twin village of Draginovo.
The celebration began with a recitation of verses from the Holy Qur'an by a graduate of the High Islamic Institute in Sofia.
After the official welcoming speeches of the regional muftis the Grand Mufti of the Muslims in Bulgaria Dr. Mustafa Hadji delivered a welcoming speech in front of the residents of his native village. Hadji said that once again they have proved that they love the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) and follow his path.
The ceremony included a lecture by the imam of Kochan Izzet Dzhalev who gave wonderful examples from the life of the Prophet overcrowded.
The girls of the year-long Qur’an course greeted the audience with the performance of a scene entitled “How would you welcome the Prophet (pbuh) if he knocks on the door?” which impressed everyone at the ceremony.
The event ended with a dua (supplication), made by the Grand Mufti Mustafa Hadji.
May Allah be pleased with all who helped for the implementation of this noble deed. May Allah be pleased also with all those who actively participated in the events organized by the Regional Mufti’s Office of Pazardzhik.