Regional Mufti’s Office - Plovdiv
Regional Mufti’s Office – Plovdiv is located in Central-Southern Bulgaria and includes the region of Plovdiv. It borders with Regional Mufti’s Offices – Sofia, Haskovo, Smolyan, Stara Zagora. The area of Regional Mufti’s Office – Plovdiv is 5 962km2.
The Mufti’s Office has 43 mosques and masjids.
The Muslim population in the region is about 36 319 people.
The number of Muslim Boards of Trustees is 29.
The headquarters of the Regional Mufti’s Office is in the city of Plovdiv.



Regional Mufti

Taner Veli


Ahmed Kadirov


Specialist “Waqf” Department
Joshkun Mustafa




Plovdiv, 2 Jelezarstka Str.


Phone/fax:  0899155256


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