Taking into account the challenges of modern social life and trusting in the wisdom, light and beauty of the Holy Quran, The Grand Mufti of Bulgaria (GM) promotesits  Muslim communityto consciously acquire these religious tenets by their free will,being guided by the maxim, that becoming more acquainted with, giving a greater significance to, and putting into practice religion as a basic foundation of earthly life, allows each of us to become elevated and morally built personalities,servicingproperly our families  and  the society which we live in.

Grand Mufti diligently works on:

·        Adequate provision and implementation of all the rights and freedoms of Muslims in the field of free exercise of religion through joint cooperation with relevant international organizations, which also have had their huge contributions.

·        Institution’s activity enables the establishing of a steady and independent bridge between all countries, non-governmental and private organizations, in an effort to create long-lasting and useful dialogues.

·        Increasing the educational qualification of the community by building up an Islamic cultural and educational center in the capital, is one of the fundamental objectives of  GM, as well as giving a full access to competent religious services in all parts of the country, even in the presence of the minimum need.

·        Offering a more intense moral and intellectual education to young people in the religious and moral sphere, benefitting from the latest methods and instruments to do so, inspired by the words of the Prophet Muhammad, PBUH, that man acquires knowledge from the cradle to the grave.

·        Focusing on responsibilities in taking care of the older members of our society.

·        Providing effectivereliable sources,which are closely related with well-developed and controlled Islamic estates, as well as recreating of new ones.

·        Supporting the construction of: religious buildings, such as mosques; educational institutions, social institutions and others.

·        Extending the alms-giving activity of the Muslim denomination, increasingcharity practices throughout the country, which are expressed mainly in  aid for orphans, supporting social kitchens with foodstuff, deliveryof all type of humanitarian packages, launching wide Eid campaigns.

·        Making efforts to preserve the authentic identity of the Muslim community, its religious, cultural, and social values.

·        Creating a strong bond, warm mutual relations, brotherhood, and tolerance between the different structural layers of the Bulgarian society.

·        Treasuring peace and tolerance in our mother country.


Photo: “Sherif Halil Pasha” mosque in the town of Shumen, popularly known as the "Tombul mosque”



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