On September 2, 2020 (Wednesday) was held another regional competition, organized by Regional Mufti’s Office – Silistra. In it participated children from 12 settlements (three children from each of the 12 settlements). The children from the village of Zaritsa ranked at first place, at second place – those from the village of Boil, and at third – the students from the village of Oven.

The host of the event was the Regional Mufti of Silistra – Mr. Myuddesir Mehmed, and an honorary guest in behalf of Grand Mufti’s Office was Mr. Bahri Izet, expert from the Department of Education.

The competition had three rounds, i.e. a questionnaire, questions from the textbook “My Beloved Religion” and recitation by heart from the Holy Qur’an. The jury was chaired by Mr. Bahri Izet, and the other two members were guest imams from the Republic of Turkey.

After the competition there followed a lunch and a boat trip on the Danube River, which made the children very happy.

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