The Qur’an courses in Regional Mufti’s Office – Montana were finalized with a celebration and qurban in the village of Popitsa, Municipality of Byala Slatina. The event was attended by the Grand Mufti of Bulgaria Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi, the Regional Mufti Mr. Nedzhati Ali, as well as imams and chairmen of Muslim boards of trustees in the region. The children recited chapters from the Holy Qur’an, adhan (call to prayer) and showed how to perform prayer. The coordinator of the Qur’an courses in the regional mufti’s office was the presenter of the celebration and he said that there are more participants in the Qur’an courses this year and the children are better prepared.

The Grand Mufti also visited the mosque in the town of Montana which was renovated and opened doors for worshipping since it was closed from 1956, and he also held meetings with some of the Muslims in the town and encouraged them to be more active and to accept the mosque as their own property.

Another site, which the Grand Mufti visited during his tour was the currently constructed masjed in the village of Dolni Tsibar, where the mosque is in poor condition.

Due to the fact that the Muslims do not have the financial ability to repair their mosque, Grand Mufti’s Office has begun the construction of a masjed, but it is intended to repair the mosque, which dates back to the beginning of 17th century, and considered to be the oldest one in this region.

Furthermore, at the initiative of the Regional Mufti there began the repair of the mosque in the village of Archar. The projects are ready and funding has been sought but the walls must be strengthened by the beginning of the winter in order to withstand the winter weather conditions.

The repair of the tomb of Salahaddin Baba in Vidin, as well as the display of gravestones at the mosque Osman Pazvantoglu, are part of the activities of Regional Mufti’s Office – Montana. This is the history of the Muslims in this region, which despite all the difficulties has preserved its Muslim appearance.

The mosque in the village of Archar, which is currently repaired

The masjed in the village of Dolni Tsibar and the ruined mosque in the background

The tomb of Selyahattin Baba

The repaired mosque in the town of Montana 

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