The two great Muslim holidays – Eid al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha, as well as the Day of Ashura, will be officially part of the cultural events calendar of the Municipality of Plovdiv for the upcoming year, 2021. This became known with a received letter with No 20 RZK-893 from September 3, 2020 from Plamen Panov – Deputy Mayor in charge of “Culture, Archaeology and Tourism”.

The proposal for enriching the calendar of the Municipality of Plovdiv with cultural holidays and feasts of the Muslim community was submitted by an official letter from August 28 this year to the Deputy Mayor Plamen Panov. The official written proposal was lodged by Taner Veli – Regional Mufti of Plovdiv, and Ahmed Pehlivan – Chairman of the Muslim Board of Trustees – Plovdiv.

“We, the Muslims, are one of the most numerous minority community in Plovdiv – we number nearly 100 000 people and this city is famous exactly for its tolerance. It was important for us that the cultural calendar of the Municipality includes besides the holidays of other ethnicities and religious communities also important holidays and celebrations of the Muslims.” – with these words the Mufti Taner Veli justified the decision of the mufti’s office in Plovdiv to submit the proposal to include the Muslim holidays in the cultural calendar of the Municipality of Plovdiv.

He expressed his satisfaction and thanked on behalf of the Muslims in the region for the decision of the Municipal Council to accept the submitted proposal.


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