An official program on the occasion of reading the entire Qur’an by 16 children, participating in two summer Qur’an courses in the village of Chepintsi was held in the central mosque of the village on September 13, 2020 (Sunday).

Official guests of the program were the Regional Mufti of Smolyan – Mr. Nedzhmi Dabov, Dr. Arif Abdullah, the Director of the Training Course for Memorization of the Qur’an “Hafiz Murad Hadzhi” in the town of Madan – hafiz Shefket Hadzhi, the Chairman of the Muslim Board of Trustees of the village of Chepintsi – Mr. Ismet Mollov, the Mayor of the village of Chepintsi – Mr. Mustafa Brahimbashev, the businessman Mr. Hayri Hutev, the former mayor Mr. Hayri Brahimbashev and Mr. Raif Kutsev – a resident of the village, who contributed to the construction of the mosque.

The host of the event was the imam of the village of Chepintsi – Mr. Hayri Hadzhiev, and the presenter was Mr. Mustafa Deliahmedov. The program began with answering question related to religion (life of the Prophet (pbuh), faith, morality), recitation of ahadith (narrations of the Prophet (pbuh) and instructive stories, recitation by heart parts of the Qur’an and at the end – a wonderful dua (supplication) in Arabic and Bulgarian languages. The children received gifts from Regional Mufti’s Office – Smolyan, presented personally by Mr. Nedzhmi Dabov, as well as from the Muslim Board of Trustees, presented personally by Mr. Ismet Mollov.

The Regional Mufti – Mr. Nedzhmi Dabov and Dr. Arif Abdullah gave brief instructions to the youths and the attendees.

There was a lunch prepared for everyone.

May Allah be pleased by the children, their parents and teachers, as well as by everyone who contributed to this wonderful work.

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