About 250 delegates from all Muslim boards of trustees at Regional Mufti’s Office – Kardzhali will participate in the Regular National Muslim Conference, which is scheduled for November 28. They will be elected during the general meetings of the Muslim boards of trustees. This announced the Regional Mufti Beyhan Mehmed in the village of Zhaltusha, Ardino region. He participated together with the mufti’s representative Erhan Redzheb in the village meeting in the village in the Rhodopes, which was organized by the Muslim Board of Trustees. The event took place in the hall of the local community center with observation of all anti-epidemic measures.


Beyhan Emin shared that from all the 1500 mosques and masajid in the country 420 are in the region of Kardzhali under the auspices of the Regional Mufti’s Office. He also said that in nearest time it is foreseen to launch training courses for imams in Momchilgrad.

During the meeting were also discussed topics, such as “halal food”, religious education in public schools, population and housing census in the Republic of Bulgaria in 2021. There was also addressed the issue related to the appointment of an assistant-imam in the local mosque with remuneration from the Regional Mufti’s Office, who will support the work of the present 87-year old imam. “Zhaltusha” is a big settlement and our aim here is the call for prayer (the adhan) to be recited five time a day in the mosque”, explained Beyhan Emin.

The participating Muslims thanked the Regional Mufti and his representative for the visit. They promised to make an organization for a second meeting and to discuss the proposal of the Regional Mufti’s Office. At the end of the meeting the Regional Mufti of Kardzhali Beyhan Mehmed and his representative Erhan Redzheb recited verses from the Holy Qur’an and made dua (supplication) for the village.

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