At the initiative of Zafer Hadzhabilyal, a student in the Secondary Religious School “Nyuvvab” and imam on a voluntary basis in the mosque of the village of Oven – RMO Silistra, a fountain for ablution has been started to be constructed in the yard of the local mosque.

“Together with the residents of the village and the emigrants, we make our best for the development of the mosque and the Muslim community in the village of Oven. And we all together made a step towards one wonderful idea for construction of a fountain in the yard. The unappropriated weather sometimes does not allow us to work, but we are working step by step, with diligence and joint efforts for finishing the construction of the fountain. Every day we develop and become better Muslims. These initiative unite us and make us happy. Our mosque is getting more and more beautiful and more visited by the local Muslims. I would like to thank the Muslims, who are working abroad and support our initiative. There is also a great contribution on behalf of Mr. Byurhan Arif – May the Almighty Allah be pleased with him” – the initiator and imam of the mosque in the village of Oven said for

Author: Sali S.

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