Two-day meeting of the regional Muslim councils was held   

A working meeting of the regional Muslim councils of Sofia, Pazardzhik, Smolyan and Blagoevgrad was held at the invitation of the Regional Mufti of Blagoevgrad region.
The meeting took place in “Delta” Hotel in the village of Ognyanovo. Official guest was the Grand Mufti of Bulgaria Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi.
The meeting began with welcoming speeches on behalf of the Grand Mufti and the relevant regional muftis participating in the meeting – Mustafa Izbishtali, Abdullah Salih, Nedzhmi Dabov and the host Aydan Mohamed.
All of the 25 participants took part in the discussion related to the performance of the councils so far. Both the positives and the negatives in the work were reported.
The meeting continued with a friendly football tournament between the participants.
During the second day of the meeting the participants outlined a strategy and planned together the future activities of the councils, and also defined their role as such in the social life in Bulgaria.
The two-day meeting ended with a visit to the Mufti’s Office and to “Karadzha Pasha” Mosque in Gotse Delchev, as well as with a visit to the village of Ribnovo where a festive program took place on the occasion of Kutlu Dogum and the hatim-dua of the children from the local Qur’an course.

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