Messenger of Allah is a wonderful example for you

“With the concert for Sufi music which is an expression of love and understanding and a kind of personification of spiritual elevation we mark the beginning of the week of the blessed birth of Muhammad (pbuh), under the title “Lt’s live together in our differences”, said the Grand Mufti Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi in his welcoming speech during the concert for Sufi music in Sofia. The event was organized by Grand Mufti’s Office in “St. Sofia” hall of the National Assembly on the occasion of the week of the blessed birth of Muhammad (pbuh). With regard to this commemorative events will take place throughout the country from 18th till 25th of April.
The event was attended by ministers from abroad, diplomats, MPs, religious leaders from the Balkan countries and hundreds of citizens - fans of mystical music.
“The Messenger of Allah came in ages when the human dignity and honor were trampled, in order to save the people from the oppression which was spread not only along the Arab peninsula, but the entire world. He came to be an example both for his contemporaries and for the people from the entire world and all the times. He showed the humanity the way for salvation and the happiness in this world and in the Hereafter”, said the Grand Mufti. According to him he is an unexceptionable example for every husband, wife, parent, and neighbor as well as for every public figure or statesman who respects himself.
“Today humanity experiences spiritual crisis and needs an example to follow, an example to show them the way out of the darkness of ignorance, called materialism, and to help them to return their spirituality without which they become one of the many means for exploitation”, further said the religious leader. According to him the people need to rediscover themselves and to understand that they are a great creation of the Almighty and that everything in the universe is subjected to their will but in the same time Allah is the true holder of His creatures. In this way they will be able also to understand their mission and role and to find their place in this world. “This evening we are together, followers of different religions and representatives of different ethnic groups in order to touch the light and the guidance of the Messenger of Allah (pbuh). We have the rare opportunity to experience the mystical in the Sufi music, and also to enjoy the exquisiteness of “the dance of love – sama”, expressing in a skilful way the love to all creatures of the Almighty”, also said the Grand Mufti. He said that the presence in the hall means that we responded to the call of Rumi for peace and love, and that we have agreed to show solidarity with his idea for mutual help and understanding.

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