Program for children and women on the occasion of the week dedicated to the Prophet (pbuh)

Another initiative on the occasion of the week dedicated to the Prophet (pbuh) was organized by Regional Mufti’s Office Sofia the last Sunday. This was one of the series of events which included entertaining program for the youngest guests who managed to draw pictures on water or the so called ebru. Beside this the children who attend the course in Regional Mufti’s Office Sofia prepared performance which included a short story for Muhammad (pbuh) and the Saur cave which they had worked out and after that sold it at the organized charity bazaar. The funds will be allocated for supporting one of the masjids at Regional Mufti’s Office Sofia.
The women had prepared different homemade food for the bazaar. And the fans of henna had the opportunity to try the proposals for drawing with henna, which were offered during the bazaar. A small quiz was prepared for the women, which included questions for the life of the Prophet (pbuh).
May Allah be pleased with all who participate in this good initiative.

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