Celebration of Kutlu Dogum in Aytos

On 22nd of April, 2015 in the hall of the library club “Vasil Levski” in the town of Aytos a celebration on the occasion of Kutlu Dogum under the title “Let`s live together in our differences” was held. Guests of the event were the Deputy Grand Mufti of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. Birali Myumyun, the Deputy Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in the city of Burgas Mr. Mustafa Yoldaş, the Regional Governor of the city of Kırklareli Mr. Ismail Bayrak, the Mayor of the Municipality of Ruen Mr. Ismail Osman, the Director of SRS “Nyuvvab” in the city of Shumen Mr. Sherif Hyusnyu, the Chairman of the Municipal Council in the town of Aytos Mr. Ruzhdi Hasan and representatives of the Regional Mufti’s Office and the regional governance of the city of Kırklareli, Turkey.
The program began with recitation of verses from the Holy Qur’an from Mr. Yasin Gün and a welcoming speech of the Regional Mufti Mr. Selyatin Muharem. Lectures were delivered from the Deputy Grand Mufti Mr. Birali Myumyun and the Mufti of Kırklareli Mr. Ismail Bayrak. The students from SRS “Nyuvvab” the city of Shumen and the representatives of the Regional Mufti’s Office of the city of Kırklareli participated in the event with their wonderful musical artistic performances such as ilyahi and poems dedicated to the Prophet Muhammed (pbuh). Verses from the Holy Qur’an were recited from the youngest participants in the Qur’an course of the village of Klikack who received much applause from the attending nearly 600 people. The program ended with a dua (supplication) made by Mr. Adnan Zeki Bıyık – Deputy Regional Governor of the city of Kırklareli.

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