Celebrations on the occasion of Kutlu Doğum took place in Kazanlak and Dobrich

In two consecutive days the Muslims respectively from the regions of Dobrich and Stara Zagora marked with festive celebrations with the birth of Muhammad (pbuh). Both the events were held under the motto “Let’s live together in our diversities” – which is the national title of this year’s events on the occasion of the sacred birth, organized by the regional mufti’s offices in the country with the support of Grand Mufti’s Office.
The festive program in Dobrich was held on 22nd of April, 2015 from 10:00 o’clock in the building of the national library club “Yordan Yovkov” in the town. Among the official guests of the event was the Vice Consul of the Republic of Turkey in the city of Burgas Mesut Gider. The event was also attended by the Deputy Grand Mufti of the Republic Murat Pingov, the Regional Mufti of Varna Taner Veli, Muzafer Gedikoglu – Deputy Director of SRS – Ruse. There also were guests from Turkey – Yunal Kaymaz and Bahadar Kafe. The event started with recitation of verses from the Holy Qur’an by the student from the High Islamic Institute Seyhan Mehmed. The Regional Mufti of Dobrich Bilyal Dardzhan delivered a welcoming speech to the guests in the crowded hall, and expressed special gratitude to the highly respectable guests who responded to his invitation to attend this festive event.
Greeting speeches were held also by the special guests of the celebration. The official program on the occasion of the birth of the Prophet (pbuh) contained rich musical part for which were responsible the performers of religious music from  “Sarasaltuk” band from Dobrich. All attendees were very satisfied with the program.
The next day, 23rd of April, 2015, was festive for the Muslims from Stara Zagora region. At the initiative of Regional Mufti’s Office – Stara Zagora they gathered in the mosque in the town of Kazanlak in order to commemorate together the blessed birth of Muhammad (pbuh).
Honored guests of the event were the Deputy President of the Presidency of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Turkey Hasan Kamil Yılmaz and the Deputy Mufti of Bulgaria Vedat Ahmed.
Welcoming speeches to the guests were delivered by the Regional Mufti of Stara Zagora Turhan Hasan as well as by the official guests of the event. The celebration was attended also by many other Muslims from the region. The guests gave lectures in which they reminded how important is to know the life of Muhammad (pbuh), how to self-behave ourselves and how to live according to his example.

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