“Week of Muhammad (pbuh) was celebrated in Samokov and Sofia

For another year Regional Mufti’s office – Sofia celebrated the “Week of Muhammad (pbuh) with different events. This year a voluntary blood donation campaign at the premises of the mufti’s office, a charity bazaar with a cultural and educational program for the children were organized, and during the weekend, 25th and 26th of April ,2015, first in the resort town of Samokov and then in the quarter “Orlandovtsi”, Sofia there were official programs with lectures and qurban.
The program in the town of Samokov was held with a great interest on behalf of the local Muslims, and the children from the Qur’an course once more nicely surprised the people with interesting scenes and entertaining program. The event was attended by the Regional Mufti of Sofia Mr. Mustafa Izbishtali, the Head of “Publishing” Department at Grand Mufti’s Office Mr. Dzhemal Hatip and a group of students from the High Islamic Institute – Sofia. The guests delivered short lectures on the topic “Let’s live together in our differences”, which was also the motto of this year’s events dedicated to the “Week of Muhammad” (pbuh) in the whole country.
The event in the quarter of “Orlandovtsi” also was held with a great interest and was attended by more than one hundred and fifty people among whom the Deputy Grand Mufti of the Muslims in the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. Murat Pingov, dr. Sefer Hasanov – lecturer at HII, Mr. Dzhemal Hatip – Head of “Publishing” Department at Grand Mufti’s Office, Mr. Basri Pehlivan – former chairman of SMC, Mr. Ersin Demiral – guest-imam from Turkey, the Regional Mufti of Sofia Mr. Mustafa Izbishtali, businessmen, students from HII and many other prominent people. Beside the lectures delivered by the guests the program included also performance of ilyahi and recitation of verses and hadiths from the children from the local Qur’an course. Both in the town of Samokov and here in Sofia the event ended with a lunch for all who were present and a dua (supplication) for welfare, prosperity and winning the satisfaction of the Almighty Allah.
Regional Mufti’s Office – Sofia expresses cordial gratitude to all who took part in these events and we ask the Glorious and Exalted Allah, to reward everyone who helped for their realization.

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