The Muslim Denomination in Bulgaria started fundraising campaign for a reconstruction and restoration of the Oldest mosque in Pazardzhik, Bulgaria.

The mosque was constructed in 1659 and now is the unique mosque from this period in the city.

Unfortunately the dome of the mosque is crannied. The minaret also needs for a reconstruction because is dangerous for the walkers.

The mosque was included in the Regional cultural heritage list. This means that before beginning the reconstruction the Muslim Denomination have to receive a permission from the Ministry of Culture. 

The Muslim Denomination received this permission but the date of expiration of the document is the end of 2023. By this reason we have to start urgent reconstruction.

The most important thing during this process is the reinforcement of the dome. It will cost 260 000 BGN (130 000 EUR). 

This is the reason that we need the help of all the muslims in the world to save the Oldest mosque in Pazardzhik.

If you want to support the Muslim Denomination's fundraising campaign you can donate to our bank account, Grand Mufti's Office or Regional Mufti's Office in Pazardzhik.

D Commerce Bank - Bulgaria 

Muslim Denomination 


IBAN: BG15DEMI92401000232957

Donation for the reconstruction of the mosque in Pazardzhik 

Thank you for your support!

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