Grand Mufti’s Office launches national campaign for social assistance on the occasion of the month of Ramadan

Driven by the sense of social responsibility and the belief that by sharing we become better Social Affairs Department at Grand Mufti’s Office launches National Charity Campaign for social assistance from 25th of May till 18th of June under the motto “Let’s not forget the needy!”. The campaign is organized on the occasion of the holy for the Muslims month of Ramadan. It starts on 18th of June and during it the raised aids will be distributed under the form of humanitarian packages. 

The needy families nationwide (through the regional mufti’s offices) will receive a package with food products of a first need, which will contain: flour, oil, pasta, olives, salt, vinegar, sugar, lentils, beans, rice, chocolate, lyutenitsa (chutney) coffee and tea. One humanitarian package costs 30 leva. Those who wish to make donation can get in contact with the regional mufti’s offices in the entire country. The campaign will benefit all who are needy regardless ethnicity and religion.

The social assistance of our needy fellow citizens is a duty bequeathed to us from the Messenger of the Almighty Allah. In his message to the next generations Muhammad (pbuh) orders the following: “He is not a Muslim who goes to bed satiated while his neighbor goes hungry”.

The campaign is opened for natural and legal persons from the country and abroad who wish to make donation.

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