Social affairs Committee presented the social activities of Muslim Denomination

The Social Affairs Committee to the Supreme Muslim Council made a presentation on the social activities of the Muslim Denomination in front of the imams in Regional Mufti’s Office – Smolyan. This was done on 3rd of June, 015 in the central mosque in the town of Rudozem during a regular meeting of the imams by the Chairman of the Committee the Deputy Grand Mufti Birali Birali and two of its members – the Regional Muftis of Sofia and Smolyan Mustafa Izbishtali and Nedzhmi Dabov. The Chairman of the Committee presented the main social activities of the Denomination among which are supporting 140 orphans throughout the country, distribution of hundreds of humanitarian packages, distribution of tens of thousands packages with qurbani meat to needy families. Birali Birali reminded about the important role of the Muslim Denomination in solving difficult situations which the country faced, such as helping the refugees with tons of food products and clothes and helping fellow citizens afflicted by disasters. The Deputy Grand Mufti thanked the Muslim community through the imams for their responsiveness in the organization of a number of social campaigns. He shared with the imams some future ideas for extension of the social activities such as the already opened funds “Zakat” and “Sadakah”, supporting sick people, provision of assistance to old people in different difficult for them situations and others. He also explained the idea and the essence of the ongoing National campaign under the motto: “Let’s not forget the needy”, which will continue until the beginning of the month of Ramadan. In the extension of the social activities of the Denomination an important role can also have volunteers who will support different activities. Active in this field can also be the Muslims who are a serious factor in this area. The Committee plans to hold similar presentations in other parts of the country as well.

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