Greeting address on behalf of the Grand Mufti on the occasion of the month of Ramadan, broadcasted on BNT

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters,
Dear compatriots,
Once more we meet the most superior month of the year – the month of Ramadan. Fasting during this month is expressed both by restraining from food and drinks, and with controlling our actions and the deeds we do. Yes, doing good deeds is not limited only in the month of Ramadan but in this month it is a good opportunity to get used to the righteous way of life and to get used to take care not only about ourselves but also for the people around us.
By helping the others one feels happiness, because he feels the meaning of his existence, and also the satisfaction with the good deeds that we have done. Human life is too short and it must not be frittered away. It is necessary to learn to keep the order and discipline in every field of the human life, and also to get used to self-denial for the sake of the common good for all the people.
These and other values can be learnt best in Ramadan when the Muslims restrain from food and drinks in the Name of Allah and together with this they also give material help for the needy. The Muslims fast in Ramadan and the sick and infirm are not obliged to observe this ibadah, but it is their duty to respect this month and not to eat and drink in front of the society. This is a kind of empathy with those who are fasting and also commitment to the good deeds.
May Allah accept the ibadah and the supplications of everyone who turns to Him, May His mercy be upon all, and may He bestow guidance and peace to the entire Bulgarian nation.

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