We are here to think about how to be useful for the Muslims in Bulgaria

Within the period from 28th of August till 30th of August, 2015 SRS – “Nyuvvab” was a host of the eleventh workshop meeting of the graduates with Islamic education in the country and abroad. The program organized by the Grand Mufti’s Office included different topics and discussions related to current issues. “We are here to think about how to be useful for the Muslims in Bulgaria”, said the Grand Mufti of the Muslims in the Republic of Bulgaria Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi. He added that each of us should ask himself: “How can I be useful for the society in which I live? We must be in a competition in which everyone should reassess the done and the missed deeds. Only in this way we can go forward”. The Regional Mufti of Shumen Mesut Mehmedov also had a welcoming speech in the forum.
Guest speakers of the workshop meeting were Abu Bakr Rieger – German lawyer and publicist who delivered a lecture on the topic “The role of the European Muslims in modern times” and Feridun Halil – psychologist, with a lecture on the topic “Outside and inside view to the activities of the structures of the Muslim Denomination”.
The workshop was also attended by Vedat Ahmed – Deputy Grand Mufti and acting Chairman of SMC with a topic “Brief overview of the activities of the Denomination”, Birali BIrali – Deputy Grand Mufti with a topic “The Muslim between the reality and the virtual reality” and Dr. Sefer Hasanov – lecturer at HII – Sofia with a topic “The role of Muslim NGOs in society”.
The program also included discussions on various topics related to the call nowadays, the role of woman in society, Qur’an courses and their efficiency. Grand Mufti’s Office expresses its gratitude to Regional Mufti’s Office – Shumen for the expressed hospitality and assistance in carrying out the forum.
All participants parted with wishes for new and fruitful meetings.

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