Regional Mufti’s Office – Smolyan held VIIIth Regional competition in Basic knowledge in Islam

Regional Mufti’s Office – Smolyan held the eight consecutive Regional competition in Basic knowledge in Islam. It took place on 1st of September, 2015 in the central mosque of the town of Smolyan. More than 300 children from the entire region eagerly waited during the summer this day. From the early morning on 1st of September they began arriving in the regional city. 10 Qur’an courses in total this year took part in the competition organized by Regional Mufti’s Office – Smolyan, and they competed with each other as teams. In the beginning of the competition the Regional Mufti of Smolyan region Nedzhmi Dabov welcomed all attending children, wished success to the participants and thanked their teachers for their efforts and their responsible role in the education of the young Muslims.
The Regional Mufti emphasizes that among the most important priorities of the Regional Mufti’s Office - Smolyan is the investment in the young generation and the staff resource of the Denomination takes lots of care for this priority.
The competition passed in three rounds. The first of them was theoretical, where the teams had to answer three questions in the fields of aqidah, fiqh and akhlaq. The second round required from the participants to read by heart the short verses from the Qur’an combined with expressiveness. The last third round of the competition was practical. In it the children showed how the prayer is performed in practice. The most interesting part for all other children who were attending the competition was the organized quiz which ended with many given awards. The difficult task to select the best team among the participants had the jury which included:
Chairman: hafiz Shefket Hadzhi – Director of the Course for hafizes in the town of Madan
Members: Selvi Karaosmanov – Deputy Regional Mufti of Smolyan and Bayram Ushev – teacher at the Course for hafizes in the town of Madan.
All teams from the relevant Qur’an courses manifested good knowledge for which they deserve praise. And more praise deserve the teams which took part for a first time in such a competition. As every other competition this also had to end with selection of the best among the best teams. Best prepared appeared to be the team of the girls from the Qur’an course in the town of Rudozem with a teacher Myumine Sherifova. At second place was ranked the team of the girls from the Qur’an course in the village of Kasak, and at third place – this from the lower mosque in the town of Dospat. The first three teams received special awards, provided by Regional Mufti’s Office – Smolyan. Beside them the other participants of the competition were also awarded and each of the Qur’an courses received different sport accessories. The special award for the winners provided by the Grand Mufti’s Office of the Muslims in Bulgaria was 5-days excursion to the Republic of Turkey. Pleased that they have used their summer holiday in the best way, the children from the Qur’an courses in Smolyan region who turned the mosques into temples of knowledge and science will keep for a long time the memory for this day in their hearts.
The winners from the town of Rudozem will present the region on the IXth National competition in Basic knowledge in Islam, which will be held from 11th till 13th of September in the city of Plovdiv. They will compete with all other teams ranked at first place in the regional competitions held throughout the country.

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