Grand Mufti’s Office organized visit to the site of Hudaybiyyah for Hajj pilgrims

After completing the rituals of Hajj Grand Mufti’s Office organized another visit for the pilgrims in Mecca and its surroundings. They had the opportunity to visit the site of Hudaybiyyah, located about 25 km far from the holy capital of the Muslims. The pilgrims saw there the remains from the historical mosque and as Hudaybiyyah is located outside of the sacred boundaries (haram) they put on their special clothes (ihram) in order to perform pilgrimage of Umrah.

The site is famous that there stayed the Muslims led by Muhammad (pbuh) when they were going to Mecca for performing pilgrimage of Umrah. After they were informed that they will not be allowed to perform the pilgrimage and the detention of Uthman (r.a.), who was sent in Mecca with a mission as an envoy, the Muslims pledged allegiance to the Messenger of Allah. This event is known in the history as “bay’at-ur-ridwan” due to the devotion of the Muslims, who pledged, Allah expressed His satisfaction on the Holy Qur’an.

Afterwards there was signed the strategically peace treaty between Muslims and pagans from Mecca. The act which contains nine points at first glance seemed to be to the detriment of the Muslims and that is why it was not welcomed by the followers of the last Messenger of Allah. But with the time the deep meaning and the divine providence of the conclusion of the treaty were understood, which Abu Bakr (r.a.) defined as “the greatest victory” of the Muslims. Because the treaty was signed in 628 and thanks to it the Muslims started to spread Islam faster among the neighboring tribes and regions, and two years later the Muslims conquered Mecca without war and blood.

The signing of the treaty prevented the Muslims to perform the pilgrimage, for which they travelled the way from Mecca to Hudaybiyyah, but permission for the next year was negotiated; it is prohibited the Muslims from Mecca to join the Muslims from Medina and the Muslims from Medina, who stayed in Mecca, remain under the wardship of the Meccans. Despite of the reluctantly attitude of the followers and their readiness to fight till their last drop of blood, the Messenger of mercy signed the treaty and gave a very valuable example for compassion, kindness, peaceful solution of problems and strategic thinking. As a result of this act the pagans officially recognized the Muslim community as a legal entity. The treaty opened the hearts of the Meccans for Islam.

The process of signing the treaty and the act itself are some of the most important moments in the international affairs and the diplomacy and they should very thoroughly to be studied especially by the Muslims.

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