For 17th consecutive year High Islamic Institute welcomes its students

High Islamic Institute opened the new academic year 2015/2016 on 5th of October, 2015.
Guests of the official opening of the new academic year were the Deputy Grand Mufti of the country Birali Birali, Mustafa Izbishtali – Regional Mufti of Sofia, Ulvi Ata – social affairs attaché at the Embassy of Turkey in Sofia, Şenol Genç – educational affairs attaché at the Embassy of Turkey in Sofia, Dursunali Tuyrkmen – Deputy Rector of HII- Sofia and a lecturer in the Institute.
In their addresses to the students the guests made messages related to the importance of the religious education and the contemporary challenges which the Muslims in the world face and in particular – the Muslims in Bulgaria.
At the end of the event the lecturer in Tafsir Ahmed Hasanov made dua (supplication) to the Almighty Allah for prosperity and success during the new academic year.
This year the freshmen in HII are 23 in total, divided in regular and part time form of education. The total number of the students in the high educational institution is 70 so far.
The Islamic Institute is the only university in Bulgaria which trains specialists who find realization in the system of the Muslim Denomination. Nearly 200 people so far have graduated in HII and most of them currently practice as imams, teachers in “Islamic religion”, preachers (vaizes) and regional muftis.

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