Grand Mufti’s Office received 18 specialized automobiles for funeral services from the Union of Municipalities of Turkey

„It is a historical day today for the Bulgarian Muslims. Through the donated by the Union of the Municipalities of Turkey specialized automobiles the citizens will receive completely different in quality service complying with all requirements in this field”, said the Grand Mufti Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi during the ceremony on delivering 18 specialized automobiles for funeral services from the Union of Municipalities of Turkey.
The ceremony took place in Grand Mufti’s Office on 9th of October with the participation of the Secretary General of the Union Hüseyin Güngör, the Ambassador of Turkey in Sofia H.E. Mr. Süleyman Gökçe, the Regional Governor of Sofia – city Veselin Penev, the Executive Director of the National Association of the Municipalities in the Republic of Bulgaria Ginka Chavdarova, the Director of “Religious Denominations” Directorate of CM Emil Velinov, regional muftis, representatives of the business and academics. According to the Grand Mufti the necessity of such kind of automobiles was a serious need for the Muslims in the country and especially for those who live in the big cities. The new acquisition will provide the possibility for citizens to perform the funeral rituals entirely in consistence with the canons of Islam.
The Grand Mufti thanked the Union of the municipalities of Turkey and the Turkish people for the donation and the Bulgarian country for the assistance provided during the import of the automobiles in the country.
“We here today, as a Union of the municipalities, represent 1300 municipalities in the Republic of Turkey. One of the main functions of our Union is to perform cooperation and coordination of municipalities. In connection with this our cooperation is both with our neighboring countries and all Balkan countries and not only. We are here today to donate 18 specialized automobiles as a symbol of the cooperation between the Bulgarian and the Turkish municipalities”, said the Secretary General of the Union of the municipalities Hüseyin Güngör.
According to him this is only a beginning, he hopes that the cooperation between the Bulgarian and the Turkish municipalities will develop also in the future.
“We are two countries that share a common history and culture. And the most important of all is that we are neighbors. We share this with you and we consider that both those who are alive and the dead have the right and deserve to be buried according to the requirements of their religion”, said the Secretary General. “We always appreciate any gesture of municipal solidarity. I would like to wish health and success to the Bulgarian and the Turkish municipalities and I hope that we will continue with partnership projects and partnership initiative also in the future”, said in her turn Ginka Chavdarova, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Association of the municipalities.
“I am extremely happy to welcome our guests from the Republic of Turkey. The developing relations between our two countries during the recent years are materialized through such noble acts like the occasion today is.  This gift is an expression of social solidarity. This definitely will contribute for the comfort of the Bulgarian Muslims who use this service”, said the Regional governor of Sofia – city Veselin Penev.
“I would like to say several things. Today among us are the Secretary General of the Union of the Turkish municipalities and representatives of many other municipalities. This is indeed a very significant visit, which we do believe, will contribute for the development of the dialogue between municipalities, for the dialogue between people for the cooperation between the local authorities which we believe is the fundament of democracy”, said  the Ambassador of Turkey in Sofia H.E. Mr. Süleyman Gökçe.
The automobiles will be distributed in the regional mufti’s offices and if needed intercity and international services requested from Bulgarian citizens professing Islam will be made. They are equipped with two-placed cold chambers with possibility for sanitary toilet of the deceased and integrated cooling and heating systems.

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