Hatim dua took place in Muradie Mosque in Plovdiv

Today prior the Friday prayer in Muradie Mosque in Plovdiv a special program for hatim dua of the students in the Qur’an-i Kerim course was made. Students at different age sat shoulder to shoulder to show the skills which they obtained in expressive reading of our holy book Qur’an-i Kerim. The program was led personally by the teacher – the guest imam from the Republic of Turkey Mr. Neşat Taşkan. In his speech he thanked his students for their patience during their training. Hasan Ahmed, who was the eldest among those who passed the course, began with reading the first page of surat Ya-Sin. After that Hyusein Syuleyman, Arif Asanov, Keshan Aliev and Ahmed Kadirov read the next pages from surat Ya-Sin. During the program several religious songs - ilyahi, were performed. Furthermore the supplications Subhanaka, Attahiatu, Allahumma Salli wa Barik, Kunut and Amentu, as well as the short suras (chapters) from Fil to Ikhlas, Fatiha and the first five verses from Baqarah were recited. All participants who passed the course received certificates issued by the Grand mufti’s Office and presented to them by the Regional Mufti Mr. Ersin Ahmed. The special celebration was also attended by the chairman of the Board of trustees of the mosque Mr. Ahmed Pehlivan, relatives, friends and guests. After the short program a supplication (Hatim Duas) was made. The attendees were regaled with specially prepared ashure.

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