“Orphans’ week” started in Regional Mufti’s Office – Smolyan

Regional Mufti’s Office – Smolyan started a charity campaign in connection with the initiated by the Grand Mufti’s Office national campaign for supporting orphans in Bulgaria within the period 23rd – 30th of November, 2014. With regard to this on 19th and 20th of November Regional Mufti’s Office – Smolyan held a meeting with the imams from Smolyan region, where the Regional Mufti Nedzhmi Dabov presented the idea and the aim of the campaign. The Regional Mufti shared that the Social Department at the Grand Mufti’s Office supports 29 orphans from the region of Smolyan from 81 orphans in total in Bulgaria. According to the announced by the Regional Mufti information currently the greatest number of orphans is in Smolyan, which  lays a great responsibility of Regional Mufti’s office and namely to show  higher activity in the charity campaign. On this occasion a campaign for raising funds for supporting the orphans is organized in all mosques in the region of Smolyan on Friday, 28th of November, where the Friday sermon will be on the topic “Attitude towards orphans according to Islam”. “One of the tests, in which the Almighty Allah put us, is our attitude towards one aggrieved group, namely the orphans. This is a test for the orphans, for their relatives (guardians), as well as for the Muslim community. Depending on our reaction we either pass the test or fail. Undoubtedly this test could be passed by the Muslim community by showing concern and support for the orphans, for which the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) encourages us, saying: “I and the guardian of an orphan will be in Jannah (Paradise) like these two fingers and he joined his two fingers." With these words the Regional Mufti made an announcement to the Friday sermon and expressed thanks in advance to the imams, the Muslim boards of trustees and the Muslim community in the region for their efforts in supporting the orphans.

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