NCRCB: We categorically reject extremism and radicalism in all its forms

The members of the National Council of Religious Communities in Bulgaria express their deepest condolences to the families and the relatives of the killed journalists and police officers in Paris. We categorically reject extremism and radicalism in all its forms and we condemn the terrorist act committed in Paris against journalists of the magazine “Charlie Hebdo”.

As a collective member of the international organization “Religions for peace” we oppose all kinds of violence and acts of aggression which are used as a justification for terrorist acts in the name of religion. The attack against the magazine “Charlie Hebdo” is an attack against the freedom of speech, against the human rights and against every religion.

Regardless of our different religious traditions we are called to stay united in our efforts to preserve the dignity and the respect towards the other in harmony with our religious and moral teaching – to live together in our diversity.

Only together we can build society where in the name of humanism and preserving the world family, the dignity of each person is respected.

08.01.2015                                                                                       NCRCB Chairman

Sofia                                                                                               Dr. Rupen Krikorian

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