Capital’s Mufti’s Office held a cultural and educational event

A cultural and an educational event for women and children was held at the premises of the Regional Mufti’s Office – Sofia on 18th of January, 2015. The program included a lecture delivered by Dr. Arif Abdullah – Head of RC and a lecturer at the High Islamic Institute, scetches and an entertaining program for the children, and a charity bazaar with homemade food and sweets. The event was held with a great interest and numerous participants and the premises of the mufti’s office appeared to be small for all who were willing to participate in this event. The collected amount of the charity bazaar which is 303,00 leva will be used for the purchase of two water-heaters for two families in need.

Regional Mufti’s Office – Sofia expresses gratitude to all who took part in the event and to the vaiz (preacher) Hanife Musa for her efforts in the organization.

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