Muslim Denomination will support 119 orphans in the present year

During a session of the “Social Affairs” Committee at the Grand Mufti’s Office, which was held on 21st of January (Wednesday,) the newly received applications from the regional mufti’s offices for helping children were discussed.

Besides the discussion of the topic for supporting orphans during the new year 2015 as a part of the agenda the committee made an analysis of the social campaign from the past year.

The campaign of the Grand Mufti’s Office for supporting children orphans was launched at the end of year 2014. This happened in the framework of the “Orphans week”. The collected amount of money is 57 692.02 leva, which is approximately twice more than the amount which was collected in year 2013.

The “Social Affairs” Committee at the Supreme Muslim Council periodically reviews the applications received from the regional mufti’s offices for helping orphans. After a detail consideration of the applications new children are included for help.

On this same principle during the first quarter of the past year 2014 were supported 66 orphans, where during the fourth quarter the number of the supported children increased to 81.

In addition to the annual campaign for raising funds, every three months special urns in the regional mufti’s offices are opened.

In the forthcoming edition of “Muslims” magazine will be published detailed list of the donations received by the regional mufti’s offices in the different settlements.

During the meeting held on 21st of January the committee decided, based on the collected amount, to support 119 orphans in total during year 2015.

“Social Affairs” Department at the Grand Mufti’s Office will regularly publish newsletter for the raising of funds in the regional mufti’s offices on the website of the Denomination.

Grand Mufti’s Office would like to thank all Muslims and everyone who was implicated in some way to the campaign. The results achieved in the campaign are due to the active participation of each of you, by which the Muslim community once more declares its social responsibility and empathy to the people in need.

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