International conference, entitled “Youth in changing world” was held in Morocco

The Moroccan city Marrakesh hosted a three-day international conference under the title “Youth in changing world”. The grand event was held between 29th of January and 1st of February.

The forum was organized by the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY). It was attended by more than 700 people from 90 countries, representing nearly 400 organizations.

Within three days issues which stay in front of the youth and wait for their solutions in the context of the new challenges of our contemporary times were discussed.

Youth represent 50 % of the total number of the Muslims in the world.

The main problems which the young people face are related to the necessity of better understanding of religion. It is extremely important that they do not give way to the manipulations of people, who use religion for mercenary purposes.

Other problem is the role of the mass media and their influence on the intellectual development of the youth.

Concern was expressed regarding the growing social, economic and political instability, which cause ideological extremism.

Within the framework of the conference was stressed that another major challenge is the lack of a certain purpose in the life of a young person.

Along the issues that were discussed, it was also emphasized on what should be the behavior of the Muslims who receive criticism with regard to their religion, what is the proper behavior when such problems appear.

The participants in the forum condemned the terror in all its dimensions and in the same time they condemned the activity of people who do not show respect to the sacred religious things of the other person, the different one.

The Bulgarian representatives at the three-day international conference in Morocco, held under the title “Youth in changing world”, were the Deputy Grand Mufti Birali Birali and Vezhdi Ahmedov.

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