Regional Mufti’s Office – Kardzhali held a meeting with imams from the region


The first for year 2015 meeting with imams from the region of Kardzhali was held on 10th of February, 2015 from 10:00 o’clock in the mosque of the city of Kardzhali. The meeting was opened by the Regional Mufti of Kardzhali Beyhan Mehmed, who welcomed all and thanked them for responding the invitation.

The agenda included different topics. Several issues were discussed within the meeting: the campaign for raising funds for the Muslim school in the village of Ustina, the organization of the campaign for the Pilgrimage of Umrah, which will take place in March, the preparation for the week “Kutlu Dogum”, updating the boards of trustees of the mosques and holding joint meeting when changes appear and etc.

At the end of the meeting the Regional Mufti gave books – editions of the Grand Mufti’s Office and the Regional Mufti’s Office – Kardzhali, to all imams who attended the meeting.

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