Fire in “Aziziye” Mosque in Varna

Today in the early night hours a fire sparked on the first floor in “Aziziye” Mosque in Varna. The 97 years old guard of the mosque Vahib Izet is injured as a result of the heavy gases. He is housed in the Central Intensive Care Unit of the Military Medical Academy – Varna in shock on artificial respiration.

The probable causes of the fire are under investigation. The old man used solid fuel for heating. The timely reaction of the fire brigade has prevented more serious consequences for the building. The room of the old guard and the corridor of the temple are damaged. There are no damages in the main hall of the mosque.

The staff of Regional Mufti’s Office – Varna has fully cooperated to the investigating authorities, giving the tapes of the security cameras.

For the festive Friday prayer the citizens are forwarded to the other mosque in Varna “Hayrie”.

Grand Mufti’s Office thanks the authorities of MIA (MVR) and the fire brigade, as well as for the efforts of the doctors in Military Medical academy – Varna for their adequate response.

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