Another examination, held by Grand Mufti’s Office with imams from the structure of the Muslim Denomination, took place in Ruse on March 9 (Monday), 2020. In the established and planned for all Muslim clerics format of the examination the imams from the region of Ruse took a written and oral examination which covered knowledge in the fields of Sira, Fiqh, Ilmihal, Holy Qur’an reading and others.

The specially formed for the occasion examination committee included: Ahmed Hasanov – Deputy Grand Mufti of Bulgaria, Halil Hodzhov – Head of “Irshad” Department at Grand Mufti’s Office, Yudzhel Hyusnyu – Regional Mufti of Ruse, Alper Ahmedov – a teacher in Religious School “Mirza Seid Pasha” – Ruse, and Turudu Yıldırım – a guest-imam from the Republic of Turkey in the city of Ruse.

“As a whole the imams from the region of Ruse performed well in the held exam to determine their level of preparation and the professional qualification – above the expected level.” –the management of Regional Mufti’s Office – Ruse shared for

It is expected that after all exams with the imams at the regional mufti’s offices in our country take place, and after processing the results, the “Irshad” Department to announce an official decision conclusion about the level and the qualification of the Muslim clerics working at the Muslim Denomination.


Author: L. Chausheva

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