The long-awaited second volume of the book “Islamic Teaching – (Ilmihal)” was published.

“The concept of “ilmihal” (religious teaching) which refers in brief to “knowledge about the behavior and the conduct” of a believer, is a series of well-ordered knowledge, that aims to guide a person – with certain responsibilities to his Creator, to the society and to the environment, to him himself, because he possesses the ability to do what is expected from him. This knowledge is both directly outlined rules of the religious textual rights, and the views formed around them, the gathered experience and the tradition of a religious way of life, that have come to the present days, filtered over the long centuries.”

The huge volume of 615 pages addresses hundreds of important issues and problems, related to the social activities of the Islamic society.

The first volume of the book was published by Grand Mufti’s Office in 2013.

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