Dear Muslim brothers and sisters,

On the eve of the month of Ramadan, when we expect the mercy of Allah, we are facing a challenge, namely to meet Ramadan in an unusual way.

If the previous year or a month ago someone had told us that we will meet Ramadan, but we will not go to the mosques, not only we would not believe him, but we would also object, we would defend our religion, our traditions, etc. Of course, this is commendable, but is it enough? Is it necessary and does it make sense to oppose an event which we cannot defeat? Should we not do something more different, if we are going to meet Ramadan in a way different from the past years?

Would it be heroism if we disobey the appeals not to go to the mosques?! In almost all over the world the mosques are closed – there is no Jumu’ah prayer, no Tarawih prayer, no mukabele, no iftar-dinner with the congregation. If I go to the mosque, even though the entire world does not go, what would this act on behalf of myself mean? What do I want to say the world – I became a hero, I became more religious or what?

These and many other questions bother our psyche in these recent days of the month of Sha’ban. Muslims are convinced that this challenge is a test from the Exalted Allah, whatever is the reason for it, whatever is the source of it. Therefore, it is not important to do something different from what the Muslims around the world do, it is important in this situation to do so, that Allah would be pleased with us.

In this situation it is very important to be with Allah, and after that – to be with ourselves, to be with our families, but along with this, to empathize with the poor – those who are materially poor and those who are spiritually poor. The material support is easier, because, in general, the socially disadvantaged people do not refuse the help, while the spiritually poor, and especially the morally poor, deserve to be addressed, although it would be very difficult.

We must pay attention to this aspect, together with the efforts to pay attention to ourselves. Just like Ramadan is a period in which the Exalted Allah gives “promotion”, so the state of emergency is a period, in which we have to fulfill His Will in a different way.

Periods are not endless, let us benefit from them in the best way!!!

May Allah accept the ibadah (acts of worship) of everyone!



Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi

Grand Mufti in the Republic of Bulgaria

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