Within the period of April 14 – 22 this year, Regional Mufti’s Office – Ruse held several working meetings with imams and chairmen of Muslim boards of trustees in the municipalities of Slivo pole, Vetovo and Dve Mogili. The working meetings here chaired by the Regional Mufti of the city of Ruse Yudzhel Hyusnyu.

Meeting in the Municipality of Slivo pole


The agenda of the first working meeting included the ongoing state of emergency due to the COVID-19 pandemic. There were discussed also the upcoming activities during the holy month of Ramadan. The Regional Mufti strongly emphasized on the situation and warned all employees in the region entrusted to him, to strictly observe the instructions of the higher authorities, and the imams to be present in the mosques and not to miss the recitation of the adhan (call to prayer), as well as the prayer houses to be open for five-time prayer providing that it is performed individually.

Meeting in the Municipality of Vetovo


The third topic on the agenda focused on the upcoming campaign to support the Islamic education. On this topic the imam Ibazer Ibazerov delivered a short lecture, and the Regional Mufti gave instructions on the campaign itself, emphasizing that people are more likely to donate in difficult times. With regard to the traditional iftar-dinner the participants were asked not to allow gathering of people at one place, and those who want to give iftar-dinner, to get in contact with the imams. The organization this year will be related with distribution of food packagees to the homes of the needy people who observe the fasting. There was also presented the charity campaign “Be hope for the needy”.

Meeting in the Municipality of Dve Mogili

In the final part of the events in the municipalities, held by Regional Mufti’s Office – Ruse, there was made a general dua (supplication) by the Regional Mufti Hyusnyu. He asked the Almighty for a sooner end of the pandemic and to restore the normal rhythm of life.

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