Archive photo from the retraining course for teachers, organized by MES in 2019

The Ministry of Education and Science (MES) in Bulgaria together with Grand Mufti’s Office, the Higher Islamic Institute (HII) and the University for Library Studies and Information Technologies (UniBit) will hold for a second consecutive year a retraining course for practicing teachers from the Muslim community in our country.

The aim of the project is a postgraduate retraining of staff with pedagogical education from the Muslim community in our country, who, after a successful state examination at the end, will receive the right to teach “Religion Islam” in the state schools in the country.

The training course is entirely funded by MES. It is expected to take place in 2020/2021 school year, and depending on the epidemic situation in the country it is planned to start in September. The capacity of the program is 20 teachers from different regions across the country. A necessary requirement for participation is the candidates to be practicing pedagogues with completed pedagogical education.

“After the end of the training the practicing teachers will have to pass a state examination. The successful examination will give them the right and the qualification to teach the elective subject “Religion Islam” in the state schools in the state schools in the country.” – said for the Head of the Department on education Amir Feleti. He explained that the closing date for applications for the upcoming course for postgraduate retraining is July 03 (Friday), 2020.

The applicants to participate in the course can get in contact for more information with their nearest regional mufti’s office or with the Department on Education at Grand Mufti’s Office.

We would like to recall that in the framework of the first course in the joint project between MES, UniBit and HII during the last year successfully graduated a total of 15 pedagogues from the Muslim community in our country who already have the necessary qualification to teach the elective subject “Religion Islam” in the state schools. The two-month course in 2019 was launched in June and ended with state examination for the teachers in September.

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