Four years after the bloody attempted military coup in neighboring Turkey, which led to thousands of wounded people and hundreds of victims, in Sofia was commemorated the memory of the deceased. The commemorative religious program on the occasion of the anniversary of the tragic events was held on July 9 (Thursday) this year in the central mosque in the capital “Banya Bashi”. The event was attended by the Grand Mufti Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi, the Chairman of the Supreme Muslim Council (SMC) Vedat Ahmed, by the three deputy grand muftis Ahmed Hasanov, Birali Birali and Murad Pingov. The Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey Aylin Sekizkök was also present.

The religious program included reading of Qur’an-i Kerim, mawlid, as well as dua (supplication) made by the spiritual leader of the Muslims in our country Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi.

We would like to recall that the bloody, but failed coup attempt in neighboring Turkey was committed during the night of July 15/16, 2016. According to the statistics nearly 250 civilians and policemen were killed as a result of the tragic event, and more than 1500 were the injured. The Muslim Denomination in the Republic of Bulgaria issued an official declaration immediately after the event four years ago, strongly condemning the attempt for anti-democratic coup in our neighboring country. Since then every year not only in the capital but also in other cities in Bulgaria, with religious programs in the memory of the victims is marked the anniversary of the cruel events.


Author: L. Chausheva

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