Supreme Muslim Council nominated its candidates for leaders of the Muslim Denomination

During its regular session on 11th of January, this year, in Sofia the Supreme Muslim Council unanimously raised the nomination of Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi for a grand mufti and of Mr. Vedat S. Ahmed for SMC Chairman with regard to the upcoming regular National Muslim conference on 24th of January, 2016.

The supreme collective body of the Muslim Denomination (MD) united around the two proposals for central managing bodies of the Institution. This their decision they will present at the regular National Muslim Conference on 24th of January through a special speaker appointed by them. The member of the Supreme Muslim Council reasoned their decision with the positive results that have been achieved for the Muslim community and their constructive perspective for the future development in one peaceful and harmonious environment.

The Council discussed in details the organization for the National Muslim Conference, approved the annual report on the activities of Grand Mufti’s Office, discussed on the report of the Committee for waqf property and the issues related to the Muslim Boards of Trustees.

This was the one before the last session of SMC in this composition.

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