Stand of Grand Mufti’s Office regarding a video on Youtube from 29th of November, 2009 “Mescid Ebu Bekir”

With regard to the appeared speculation in the mass media related to the video posted on Youtube on 29th of November, 2014 “Mescid Ebu Bekir” ( Grand Mufti’s Office of the Muslim Denomination in the Republic of Bulgaria expresses its stand.
Grand Mufti’s Office highly respecting the freedom of speech appeals to the mass media not to betray the journalistic ethics and to verify the accuracy of the announced information. The video which became popular in internet represents the Qur’anic story related to the test which the messenger Ibrahim (Abraham), peace be upon him, was put.
The messenger Ibrahim, puh, dreamed that the Almighty Allah commanded him to sacrifice his son Ismail (Ishmael), puh, the birth of whom Ibrahim puh, was waiting for long years. When Ibrahim, puh, told his son Ismail, puh, about his dream, the answer was: “Do as you are commanded, you will find me of the steadfast”. I.e. I agree with what Allah has ordained for me, you must fulfill His commandment and I will not resist.
Ibrahim, puh, decided to fulfill the commandment of the Almighty, but told his wife that they will go for woods. On their way the Satan reached them and whispered Ibrahim, puh, to abandon this deed, but Ibrahim, puh, threw stones at him in order to chase him away.
When Ibrahim, puh, tried to sacrifice Ismail, puh, the knife lost its ability to cut. He tried a second time but failed again, and then a third, after which the Almighty Allah sent a ram to be sacrificed.
Incorrect and speculative are the publications in the media, which identify the video from 29th of October, 2009 with the pseudo-state formation Islamic State, which was strongly condemned in a declaration from the Grand Mufti’s Office, and which did not existed at that time.

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