Regional Mufti’s Office – Ruse organized another Regional Competition in Basic Knowledge in Islam with the students from the summer Qur’an courses in the region on September 3, 2020 (Thursday) in the “Mirza Seid pasha” mosque. Children from 11 courses took part in the competition.

A guest of the event was Halil Hodzhov –  Head of “Irshad” Department. The competition had three rounds: first round – a questionnaire; the second one -  questions related to itiqat (faith), ibadah (worship), Sirah (life of the prophet Muhammad (pbuh)); and the third round was reciting by heart of small chapters of the Qur’an. The presenter of the competition was the guest-imam from the Republic of Turkey – Mr. Turudu Yaldaram. At the very beginning the Regional Mufti of Ruse region Yudzhel Hyusnyu welcomed the guests, then the floor was given to Halil Hodzhov who forwarded the greeting of the Grand Mufti – Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi and wished success to the competitors.

Chairman of the jury was Mr. Nedzhmetin Nedzhmiev, and members – Halil Hodzhov and Sedat Yonuz. At first place ranked Chidem Ismailova with 152,5 points from the summer Qur’an course in the village of Smirnenski. At second place with 137,5 points – Yusuf Yavashoglu from the village of Glodzhevo, and at third place – Dzhan with 135 points from the village of Shtraklevo.

All participants received gifts from grand Mufti’s Office and the Regional Mufti’s Office. The program ended with a dua (supplication) and treat for all attendees.


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