Regional Mufti’s Office – Dobrich held its this year’s competition in basic knowledge in Islam on September 3, 2020 (Thursday). The competition took place in the central mosque “Hadzhi Osman” in the town of Dobrich under the management of the coordinator of the summer Qur’an courses in the region Biner Byulent, and there was a great interest. A total of 38 children from 13 Qur’an courses, separated into groups of three, participated in it. The competitors passed three rounds of the competition in which they had to show theoretical knowledge related to Islam, to read form the Holy Qur’an, as well as to recite by heart short chapters of the Qur’an.

Before the very competition the Regional Mufti of the town of Dobrich Bilyal Dardzhan welcomed all participants, teachers and guests, explained the importance of the year-round Qur’an courses and greeted the students and their parents for the realized responsibility and the place which the Qur’an courses have in their life. Official guests of the event were Bahri Izet – an expert at the Department of Education, and the Regional Mufti of the town of Silistra Myuddesir Mehmed, who delivered greeting addresses and wished success to the competitors. The winners of the competition, as well as all participants received prizes from Grand Mufti’s Office, Regional Mufti’s Office – Dobrich and other sponsors.

Regional Mufti’s Office – Dobrich thanks the competitors and the teachers in the summer Qur’an courses and the parents for their perseverance and efforts.

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