The Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Bulgaria, Her Excellency Aylin Sekizkök was on a two-day visit to the region of Kardzhali. During the first day of her visit she visited Regional Mufti’s Office – Kardzhali. This happened on September 3, and the Ambassador was welcomed by the Regional Mufti Mr. Beyhan Mehmed and his team. The little Melike presented roses to the high-ranking guest on behalf of the mufti’s office. In the premises of the mufti’s office the guests got acquainted with the activates of the Regional Mufti’s Office and the Denomination in general.

At the end of the meeting the Regional Mufti and Mrs. Aylin Sekizkök exchanged gifts as a memory from the visit. Then the Regional Mufti accompanied the guests to the newly constructed Islamic Cultural Center in the quarter of Vazrozhdentsi in Kardzhali, the construction of which is expected to be completed in several months.

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