The Department of Education at Grand Mufti’s Office announces a competition for 25 scholarships for young Muslims, studying in Bulgarian universities in four separate categories:

●     Medicine and specialized medicine;

●     Engineering;

●     Social and pedagogical specialties;

●     Law.

The aid is intended for students with a Muslim origin from Bulgaria who are studying for a bachelor’s degree in one of the abovementioned fields of science. The amount of the scholarship is 900 BGN and will be paid by bank transfer within one academic year (9 months – 100 BGN per month).

Application requirements:


●     Bulgarian citizenship; persons with dual nationality cannot apply;

●     Muslim faith;

●     GPA above Very good (4.50) on a six-point scale;

●     The deadline for application for scholarship is September 30, 2020.


Required documents:

●     A letter of motivation;     

●     Two references;

●     Official document, certifying that the person is enrolled in a higher educational institution;

●     Information about the marks from the previous semester (the first year candidates have to present diploma for secondary education)

●     СV;

●     ID card copy;

●     Bank account.

 The documents must be sent by e-mail to: !!!


Application form

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