The Regional Mufti of Montana Mr. Nedzhati Ali welcomed Mrs. Tsveta Karayancheva – the Chairperson of the National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria, on September 25, 2020 (Friday) in the mosque “Osman Pazvatoglu”. Mrs. Karayancheva, accompanied by the Mayor of the town, the regional governor and MPs, visited the mosque and the library.

The Regional Mufti presented information to Mrs. Karayancheva about the books in the library and the history of Osman Pazvantoglu – when the library and the mosque were built. Mrs. Karayancheva was delighted by the maintenance of the mosque and shared that she is excited with the visit.

The Regional Mufti and the Chairperson of the National Assembly exchanged gifts. “Let tolerance and understanding always lead. Christians and Muslims live peacefully and together in the Republic of Bulgaria. Let it be so in the future as well. Thank you for the hospitality.” – Mrs. Karayancheva wrote.ı.



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