Lunch in the autumn beauty of Vitosha mountain


Regional Mufti’s Office – Sofia marked the beginning of the new school year for the year-round Qur’an course in the capital with an organized big family picnic at Vitosha. Nearly 20 families – parents and their children who attend the Qur’an course with a teacher Fatme Hatip, joined the event.


Quiz time with prizes for the fastest among the knowledgeable

In the wonderful conditions which Vitosha mountain offers, a quiz and various sport games, competitions and races were organized for the children.

Sport games and competitions for team work

As the host and the initiator of the event the Regional Mufti of Sofia Mustafa Izbishtali expressed his satisfaction with the successfully organized picnic, and thanked all attendees for their participation, and also the others who wished to join but could not do it for some reasons.

“I would like to express my gratitude also to the mothers from the Parents’ Council at Qur’an course – Sofia for their active participation in the organization of this event. Because it is easy only to give ideas, but quite different it is to bring them to implementation.” – Mustafa Hadzhi further said in his address to the gathered families. He wished the children from the Qur’an course in the capital and their teacher Fatme Hatip a lot of success during the new school year, which will officially start on October 3 (Saturday). 

On behalf of the Parents’ Council at the year-round Qur’an course and of the management of Regional Mufti’s Office – Sofia there was a small surprise for two of the girls from the course for their final decision to dress according to the requirements of the Islamic religion. Meryem Hatip and Sara Dalova are the girls who started the new school year putting a new beginning also in their spiritual development.


“Wear your Muslim headscarves with joy and pride! And you should know that will always have our support for the choice you made. This is not an easy way, which we have also passed, but let it be, with the permission of Allah, the reason to gain His satisfaction!” With these words the mothers from the Parents’ Council at the Qur’an course – Sofia addressed the girls, presenting them small gifts. The Regional Mufti Mustafa Izbishtali also greeted the girls for their choice and also gave them gifts.

Meryem Hatip (left), Sara Dalova (center) and the Regional Mufti of Sofia Mustafa Izbishtali (right)


The day spent together in the nature ended with the supplication to Allah to gather in the same way everyone together also in the Gardens of the Paradise.


Joint photo for memory 


Author: L. Chausheva



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