The book “The Depths of Imagination” written by Filibeli Ahmed Hilmi, who is one of the thinkers, writers and poets of the late Ottoman period, is already available in Bulgarian language.

The Bulgarian edition of the Book "A'mâk-ı Hayâl", written in Ottoman language in 1910 by Ahmed Hilmi, who was born in Plovdiv, was presented in the library, established after the name of the author in the historical “Dzhumaya” mosque.

The presentation of the book was attended by prominent representatives of the cultural circles in the city. There also were the Consul General of the Republic of Turkey in Plovdiv, Mr. Şener Cebeci, Mr. Vedat Ahmed – Chairman of the Supreme Muslim Council, the translator of the book – Mr. Aziz Tash, guests from the Bulgarian Academy of Science, the Regional mufti of Plovdiv – Mr. Taner Veli and representatives of the media.

The translator of the book said in his speech: “Thanks to this translation I think that Filibeli Ahmed Hilmi managed to make a wonderful return to the city where he was born.” Tash said that although this book was written in a narrative which is far from the contemporary Turkish language, it contains deep philosophical thoughts and has developed ideas and interpretations, even predictions for the future.

“It was our honor and pleasure to host such a historical and cultural event with a great significance.” –the Secretary of Regional Mufti’s Office – Plovdiv said for


Author: Sali S.


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