Workshop for women on the occasion of the Week of the Prophet (PBUH) was held in the capital

Regional Mufti’s Office – Sofia organized a workshop for women entitled “Let’s live together in our differences”. The topic was also a kind of a message for the “Week of Muhammad (PBUH)”. Lecturers at the workshop were Birali Birali – Deputy Grand Mufti of Bulgaria, Aydan Yumerov – a lecturer at the High Islamic Institute, Sonya Emilova and Hanife Musa. The issues related to the individual differences between people, their understanding in society, the answers which the Qur’an gives, the example of Muhammad (pbuh) and his understanding of the difference were discussed. The educational workshop was attended by about 50 women who provoked by the actuality of the topic took an active part in the discussions related to the lectures. After the end of the workshop all of the participants expressed their satisfaction with the organization and the way in which it was carried out. The organizers on their turn expressed their gratitude to the Almighty Allah and to all of those who contributed for the organization and carrying out the event. They thanked also the participants for their responsiveness and the desire to join the event held by the Regional Mufti’s Office – Sofia.

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