Workshop for girls and boys was held in Aytos

Regional Mufti’s Office – Aytos, with the assistance of Grand Mufti’s Office, held a workshop for girls and boys from 4th to 8th grade in the mosque “Sultan Beyazid Veli” in the town of Aytos. The workshop which took place within the period 2nd – 12th of April, was attended by 29 children in total from the city. With the organization of the workshop were engaged Hyusein Salim – person in charge of “Irshad” Department at the local mufti’s office, Yasin Gün – guest lecturer from Turkey and the imam of Aytos Osman Hasan. Guest lecturers at the workshop were the Regional Mufti Selyatin Muharem and the graduate of the Tashihi-huruf course imam of the village of Zetyovo – Hasan Veysel. The workshop was held in accordance with a preliminary prepared by the Regional Mufti’s Office – Aytos program which included lectures in reading Qur’an-i Kerim and supplications, Religion, Aqidah, Siyer and Akhlaq.
Beside the lectures the program also included entertaining and sport programs such as football, visits to places and sights – picnic in the park “Slaveeva reka”, visit to the zoo and others. The participating children expressed their gratitude to the organizers and parted with satisfaction and promised their teachers that they will continue to attend such workshops.

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