Grand Mufti received the Mufti of Istanbul

The Grand Mufti Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi received the Mufti of Istanbul Prof. Dr. Rahmi Yaran and the delegation accompanying him on 16th of May, this year, in the Grand Mufti’s Office. The Mufti of Istanbul was in Bulgaria on the occasion of marking the holy Night of Mi’raj in the mosque in the capital “Kadi Seyfullah Efendi”.

“We are in most intensive relations with the Mufti’s Office of Istanbul, than the other mufti’s offices in your country but it has a high value for us also due to the fact that it is an inheritor of the seat of Sheikh ul-Islam in the past. Yet in the establishment of Grand Mufti’s Office in Bulgaria it was accepted and confirmed  by the institution of Sheikh ul-Islam in Istanbul”, said the Grand Mufti Dr. Mustafa Hadzhi during the meeting with the Mufti of Istanbul. According to him this religious relation gives us a reason to extend the scope of our cooperation and mutually to benefit from the bilateral experience.

“Islam and deeds in the Name of the Almighty Allah are what connect all Muslims around the world and it is only in the Name of His satisfaction. Islam is the one that calms our hearts and gives us strength to go on”, said the Mufti of Istanbul Prof. Dr. Rahmi Yaran. According to him although the fact that to the general public Islam is represented not in its authentic form this should not break our spirit. Exactly the religious leaders are called on to represent the high moral principles of the religion despite the powerful antipropaganda machine. In this sense Grand Mufti’s Office in Bulgaria is the institution which through its efforts could be able to contribute to the calmness, harmony and peace both for the Muslims and the entire Bulgarian society.

The two religious leaders are convinced that the behavior of the Muslims should follow the peaceful and democratic approach in defending its values and in the solution of the problems that appear.

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